Sunday, January 22, 2012



at the edge




see? i told you our ice and snow wonderland was about to disappear in a coastal monsoon. the rest of friday a flood of water swept down and turned the fresh snow into a sloppy mess. it rained through much of the night, but a window of blue appeared in the sky in time for a saturday morning walk. we crossed precarious bridges over melting ponds and climbed up through the woods as the trees creaked in the wind around us. the wind came through in freight train gusts, swirling around us and refreshing the air. the moss on the trees is so vibrantly green right now, lush with rainwater and set off against the last of the snow. the forest feels so alive in a moment like that.

today we are back to monsoon weather, the west coast kind backed by a howling storm. around our little home we are mostly sheltered from these winds, but today the tall cedars outside are swaying mightily and the smaller trees and bushes continually rustling. a day for inside work - perhaps i can finish my sketchbook? here's hoping the power stays on.

>>> i seem to be getting really in the habit of taking pictures of my feet. here's hoping you'll indulge my little quirk. and really, i do have other shoes - these boots just happen to be the best for walks, especially the slushy, sloppy kind.

>>> sending some positive thoughts to my parents - they are trying to escape the cold wet coast today to head for mexico, but currently they are stuck on their little island as the ferry is holding in dock due to the weather. here's hoping it runs again soon so they can leave for the airport this evening!


rebecca said...

i admit to being a shoegazer as well. it seems a perfect documentation of time and place, if you ask me.

you take some lovely walks! our snow is also gone (just as quick as it came.) we were supposed to get high winds, but perhaps they scooted north towards you instead. around here we are humbled by flooded rivers and creeks. water's great strength in all it's forms!

leFiligree said...

hey, are those boots going to appear in the sketchbook? LOL! go, K, finish!

this weekend my hubs has been stuck in PA and MN and WA as he tries to fly back to AK. here's to hoping he gets out of seattle tonite. this is ridiculous!!

Anonymous said...

Some crazy weather for sure this far as your "foot" shots..I kindof like that perspective..looking down:) They make for interesting photos..You had some beauties today!!!-Michaelanne

Jacky said...

These colours and images are might be cold where you live, but it it SO beautiful.

Thanks for always sharing some photos with us.

Jacky xox (scorcher here in Australia today).

Margie Oomen said...

nothing wrong with pictures of well clad feet

The Noisy Plume said...

Just keep wearing cute boots and I'll keep looking at your foot shots:)

I love these pictures.

Maggie said...

These are lovely. People always seem photograph snow when it is all white and smooth and pristine, but this is another face of it that I like to see (though your melt is more elegant than mine--all the snow we got just turned to muddy slush).

terri said...

like the foot shots myself, and hoping that your parents get out okay. crazy weather here as well, goes from very cold to rain, to cold, lots of ice today. and lots of trees damaged