Saturday, May 19, 2012

saturday exploring...

ammonite falls

ammonite falls


through the trees

on the trail

after a beautiful languid week of warm weather, clouds moved in this afternoon and rain is in the air. the 7-day stretch shows nothing but little cloud icons with lines of grey falling from them. A and i decided to make the best of this last day of sunshine and went to explore a new hike. ammonite falls sits deep in a canyon, on a trail a bit of a drive south of us but the photos online made it too tempting to turn up. descending into the woods from the access road, we were quickly in peace, away from the sounds of the nearby city with only the wind tickling the treetops above. soon enough a louder rush of noise hinted at the creek, still hidden from our view. the hike was shorter than expected, and before long we followed the line of old ropes down a steep slope to the creek bed. the falls rose high above us, falling gently into the pool spreading out at our feet. we found a sunny spot to settle in, and made wraps for lunch as we enjoyed the view. it was a popular spot in the lee of the falls, but their shower of noise helped drown out the sound of others and gave us a quiet rest, a soft mist floating across the canyon to where we sat. soon enough it was time to head back, through the woods again and back to the truck. an afternoon spent in nature, just the two of us, was a sweet little escape.


tonight i'm playing around with a mandolin that i borrowed from a friend, trying to decide if i want one of my own. i've learned four chords, but i know that is just a toe in the edge of a long river.

hope you are having a good weekend (a long one if you are in canada).

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leFiligree said...

what a magical spot! beautiful exposures of the falls.

i'm planting the pots on the patio this weekend and feeling like a princess while my hubs throws up the sheetrock without me :)