Monday, May 07, 2012

low tide again...

tug o' war

don't come any closer


in the stream


wee hermit crab


hermit crab colony


lewis moon snail

most of the time i go for walks alone. just me and my camera. but once in awhile it is fun to go with someone else, especially someone who is as kid-like as i when it comes to exploring the life around us. my friend Emily is one of those people, and we hit the sand today just a little before the low tide reached its peak. we were on a long spit of land that i love to explore, and first we headed to the exposed outer beach where the wind chilled us despite the sun. the wide stretch of sand was dotted with pools here and there and before long i was wading through the seaweed water searching for creatures. after we crossed the road over into the mud flat expanse of the protected inner side, feeling the soft mud suck at our sandals. above you can see a little bit of what we saw - click on any image for more info. we saw ochre stars and leather stars, sea anemones tucked up tight against the air, hermit crabs and sand dollars, oysters and mussels, stranded jellyfish, mudflat snails and whelks and little shore crabs. two creatures in particular kept us fascinated for quite some time: an ornery and impressively-clawed rock crab, and the graceful but massive bulk of a lewis moon snail.

so many incredible creatures sharing this little piece of coast with us, on a bright beautiful spring day. i hope your sunday had a little nature in it too.

ETA: just looking back through some posts and realized Em and i went on a walk in the exact same spot one year ago minus a day. interesting to compare the two, or at least interesting to me...


Heather M. said...

Looks like a great day at the sea shore. I've never seen the Lewis snail before. Pretty cool. Thanks for linking to more information on your pictures. I enjoyed reading about it. I need to get out to the beach again soon. Next time I'm on the Island, I'll have to go to Rathtrevor.

lynda Howells said...

what a lovely blog today..makes me realise just how much l miss the beach and the sea.xxxx

Els said...

Beautiful pictures.
iiiiiieeee that Lewis snail ....
I'm not very scared but holding thát : NO WAY !

Caitlin said...

I had no idea such a thing existed! Wow! Great photos!

Margie Oomen said...

incredible for sure
and the second of my words to type to prove I am not a robot is aseasnail

leFiligree said...

i've never seen some of these creatures, either. how exciting! makes you never want to go home, right?

its been too cloudy for any moon action up here ;(

Dawn Suzette said...

Great finds!
We are planning some early morning pre breakfast low tide exploring tomorrow... if I can get the little's out the door!
Off to read more about these amazing creatures.

Unknown said...

that snail is awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I am always amazed by the photos of sea creatures you post on your blog - I'm from the heartland and have never held an alive starfish/sea urchin/crab you name it, in my hands. It's always a nice reminder of the different types of lives being lead around the country, and how one person's daily or weekly routine would seem like an amazing vacation adventure to another :) Thanks for your posts!