Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a lighter layer...




a little while back i was thinking that an in-between layer would be nice. you know, something for those still chilly spring mornings, or to throw on on cool summer evenings outside. something to carry me into fall as the air begins to crisp up again. something to add an extra layer to warm my core on brisk winter beach walks. okay, actually i've been thinking about a vest for awhile, years if the truth be told. i even knit one once, but the finished shape was completely not what i had hoped and the wool was reused on another project. that seemed the problem with a lot of vest patterns - too boxy, too short, too ugly, to be honest.

after the success of my aidez last fall, i had been thinking i would probably like to knit the pattern again sometime, maybe with a different stitch pattern to switch up the look a bit. then this spring i stumbled upon this aidez and things clicked. that knitter actually plans to add the sleeves at some time, but in my case this seemed like just the sort of vest i was looking for. i had some worsted grey wool that had been sitting in my knits basket for far too long and knew it would work well for the project. i mixed up the stitch pattern a bit, most noticeably using the leaf lace pattern from baudelaire (here's my original sock version of this pattern).

in moments stolen here and there, and a concentrated push to finish this past weekend that left my weak wrist groaning a bit, this vest came together fairly easily. i think it will fit the in-between bill that i was hoping for, and even as summer weather has crept in this past week a good layer is still an important outfit anchor.

for full details, please see ravelry.


in other news, a friend's uncle gifted her a wooden rowboat that he built. she generously decided to share ownership with A and i. it helps that i'm the only one with a vehicle with a tow hitch, and we have a spot to store it here. so expect some boating/fishing/crabbing adventures this summer as we explore further afield with our new little orange boat. exciting! i have very fond memories of rowing around in the little rowboat we had when i was a kid. this one's a fair bit bigger (about 15') but that just means more room for friends (and crabs!).


erin said...

beautiful vest! oh la la. those lace stitches are the stuff my knitting dreams are made of.

i think every kid, old and young should have a rowboat. it just looks way fun. can't wait for photos from your trips out!!

Margie Oomen said...

i love the way you dress k
especially with pieces of clothing made with your talented hands.

Ketra said...

Love the vest, love the orange rowboat!