Sunday, May 06, 2012

low low tide...

low low

egg collars

not quite tucked in

that's a big sea star

tiniest purple urchin

did anyone catch the 'supermoon' last night? i only caught it through glimpses in the clouds on my drive home, and my attempts to photograph it were a bit dismal. nonetheless, it was beautiful and big.

the low low tides brought by the full moon were a bonus at our picnic yesterday, allowing a glimpse at some creatures that don't say hello too often. at first we just noted the swathes of oysters, and the healthy population of sea stars. but there were also egg collars from the lewis' moonsnail everywhere we turned, those funny coils of sand and mucous (and eggs!) extruded out by the snail. the amount of collars suggested a healthy population of moonsnails, although without boots i was reluctant to venture into the water itself. i found one moonsnail upside down in the tidal muck, not quite fully tucked into its shell. it may have been too late already, but i placed it back in the water in hopes it wasn't. i also found a tiny purple urchin which got popped back in the sea as well. today the tide is supposed to be even lower and the sun is shining again, and i will be heading to another beach to explore. it's all 'research', right?


thanks for all the feedback about the giveaway draw. while i was thinking it over, the winner did contact me, so i'll be sending the piece her way. don't worry, i will try to have another giveaway soon!


while visiting my mom, i had the chance to meet one of the lovely ladies behind cooks cooperative and ripple rock farm. they are hard at work on what looks to be a fabulous garden, but Heidi was nice enough to take a few moments to chat with us and show us around. if you're looking for some tasty recipes, i recommend you check out their blog.

wishing you a happy sunday!


Margie Oomen said...

i would love to explore the low tides with you one day

david at studio tuesday said...

I love exploring tidal areas too. That's an impressive starfish!

kate said...

Cool beach finds! We were down today and it was all about finding a gunnel (which we did) and checking out the gazillion crabs under the rocks.

We saw more of the moon up here from what I gathered talking to my mum, I got some shots over the ocean as it rose into the clouds, and then later tried to take some at home about 11 when it was really clear - but it was too bright for my camera to focus well!

jenny said...

All of this low tide exploring has been amazing. I am taking today off as it's terrible outside, but plan to get back out there tomorrow on a field trip with M's class. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful images! You always show me things that I have never seen before.