Saturday, May 12, 2012


a sunny day in february

big space, red lady

beach love

herring boat at sunset

two under a moody sky

well, not really, but all these shots are at least two months old. just sorting through some of my shots and finding a few that i didn't post before for whatever reason, but quite like now.


today is beautiful and warm, and the 7-day forecast looks equally promising. spring & sunshine, finally. the day has been fairly uneventful. planting a few herbs & begonias in the garden and some errands around town. trying to work out the next steps on a forgotten piece that i resurrected this week...finding myself distracted by some nearly-done knitting instead...thinking about getting out on the paddleboard today or tomorrow...or just sitting out on the lawn for a bit with said stitching or knitting...wondering if it's too early for a margarita, since yesterday evening's homemade strawberry-watermelon-lime was so good...loving that it feels like nearly summertime...

what are you up to?


>>> i just fell madly in love with this woven basket.
>>> the embroidery work of Lauren DiCioccio is awe-inspiring (via Anthology).
>>> sunny days call for icy desserts, and this strawberry sorbet sounds both simple and delicious.

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