Saturday, May 26, 2012

rainbow flowers...

at the beach


lupine stars

beach lupines

last weekend, on a grey day at the beach where i met up with my sister, her family, and their sweet new puppy, i spotted these amazing multi-coloured lupines poking out of the sand. quite often the lupines we see on the beach are pale yellow, or the classic purple. there was lots of yellow ones there two, but then many of these that were a strange hybrid, a pale rainbow. beautiful.


today has been a gorgeous day, following up the equally nice weather of yesterday. i didn't get to enjoy much of yesterday though, spending 9.5 hours squinting at a computer and then heading home to see A after he'd been away for the week, only to have my mild headache develop into a full on migraine. ugh. but anyway, today started much better. we headed out to the farmers market this morning, surprised at the heat that was already taking over, and succumbing to a $1 fruit popsicles for breakfast. the rest of today has been a lot of time sitting in the sun-dappled shade of the cherry tree, attempting a few chords on my borrowed mandolin, and stitching another leatherback turtle. an easy saturday, and trying to enjoy the sun before the weather shifts again tomorrow. now to convince A to head out for a quick longboard by the river. after that, fresh locally-made pasta for dinner. what are you up to this weekend?


other things:
>>> i've never been a big fan of potato salad, but i made this tzatziki potato salad last night and it was really good. i think it'll become my new summer standby to go with whatever's on the grill.
>>> i'm really want to get one of these bubblescopes for my iphone whenever they come out.
>>> these handmade ballet flats are lovely.


Erin said...

your beach day sounded great!
so nice to have young ones to share it with, be it puppies or kids!

those flowers are fabulous, i think lupines can develop multi-colored patches...i used to follow a blog (nurtured by love) and in the kootenays there was a large wild patch of lupine, that the blogger, miranda, often photographed and they were amazing rainbow hues too. it might be neat to watch this one over the years and note the changes.

happy weekend!

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful flowers! I've oly seen purple ones here...
Your day at the beach sound so great - we're still waiting for spring here in Norway...eeness

Dawn Suzette said...

Oh.... those are so pretty. I love that you can spend such time with your sister and her family. Wish my brothers were closer.
Dylan brought me the first lupin from the hill while I was working in the garden this morning. It is in a vase on the table now. He is so happy.
Gardening and flower picking here today.

Annie said...

Gorgeous variations!