Saturday, April 07, 2012

at ground level...


at ground level

pacific bleeding heart

if your main goal when going for a walk is 'get some exercise', definitely don't go for a walk with me. yesterday's excursion was a prime example, as i watched the same jogger lap me twice while i pottered along, stopping every few feet to look at something or snap a photo.  exercise is certainly a good thing, but i am constantly distracted, or constantly re-focused, depending on how you look at it, when out in the forest or at the beach. right now, as mentioned the other day, i am busy spotting new plants poking up through last autumn's dead leaves. i was especially excited on this particular trail to discover a large patch of what will soon be fawn lilies (top photo), a favourite of mine. i will have to go back in a few days or a week to see what has opened up. the forest was full of light yesterday, and full of the birdsong of robins serenading the sunny spring day. a soft tap-tap-tapping caught my ear and stopped me too, sending me backtracking a little bit until i spotted the red-breasted sapsucker leaving a grid of small holes up a rotting tree. always so much going on, if one is paying attention.


today is another sunny day, and i just spend a bit of time sitting outside (!) with bare feet (!) stitching on a whale. i'm almost inclined to head up to the garden centre to get some new spring-y things, but i think some lunch is in order soon. it'll be hard to top what might be my new favourite breakfast. hope you're getting a little sunshine too this saturday. :)


Brandy said...

I used to hike for exercise, but as I gotten older, I've slowed down to see what's at ground level. I enjoy your blog. :-)

erin said...

yes, my kids are forever hurrying me along, though they go through their own alternating moments of wondrous discovery.

on the weekend it took us an hour to cover a 15 minute trek to a lakeshore;-) i took many photos, and payed attention to many things the boys were discovering.

yay to bare feet and sitting comfy outside working :)

jenny said...

I, too, am the worst hiker/walker/exerciser ever. Even when I don't have my camera, I am always stopping for a look. Everything is always changing... it's amazing and grounding.