Tuesday, April 10, 2012

snowy mountains...

quiet evening


heading north

a bluebird day

yesterday was spent high above the seashore, sliding down sparkly white slopes on my board. the day started out a flat grey, even a few drops of rain coming down on the windshield as we drove up the winding mountain road. but as we settled into the routine of riding up the lifts and then swishing our way back down again, blue patches began to poke through and gradually the surrounding peaks revealed themselves under a sunny sky. it was my first day up since that happened, and it felt really good to get a few turns in before the ski hill closes up for the season in another couple weeks. it felt even better to have a laugh with good friends in the sunshine.

when i got home and was browsing through some recent photos i realized i've been capturing the mountains a fair bit these days, from down here at sea level. some recent good weather days have made those still very snowy peaks stand out against blue sky and water, both on the island and mainland ranges. one can't help but be awed by the view, no matter how many times i've seen it before.

today after work i'll be back hidden in the forest though, darting between trees on my bike. on the coast you can never tell how long a good weather spell will last, so it's best to take advantage while you can! hope you are all enjoying some sunshine too.


Els said...

Hey ! great you could enjoy the snow again !!! Swishing downhill ... (when I close my eyes: I remember the sound !)
The photos look really crispy and clear !

Heather M. said...

Where I live, I am surrounded by mountains, and I've noticed how beautiful they look against the blue sky. We can see Baker here and it is truely stunning. I wished I lived a little closer to the ocean, like you do, though.

Margie Oomen said...

arrived home to snow flakes yesterday.
c'est la vie