Saturday, April 28, 2012

how to age gracefully...

a blushing pair

ombre flower

a slow shift

aging gracefully


there is a master class in aging going on in the woods right now. those western trilliums, brilliant white when they first burst open from lush green leaves on the forest floor, are now slowly changing to shades of pink as the days pass by. at first it is a very gentle blush, then a slow ombre effect moving across the petals. each day brings another soft layer of colour until finally the petals have completely changed to a rich, deep magenta. those trilliums, they know how to age in style. yesterday on my walk i had to resist photographing each trillium i came to, each one at a slightly different stage in its journey, a slightly different interpretation of the colour shift. all of them beautiful.


without further ado, the winner of the mexican sunset giveaway is Abby! please send me an email with your mailing address so i can pop it in the mail for you. thanks to all that entered - i will try to have another giveaway soon.


there are dark clouds looming overhead this morning, and although thunderstorms are a rarity around here, the booming sound of the snowbirds passing overhead now and then helps give the day that mood. on my foray out to the farmers market, i was surprised at how cold it is, at nearly the end of april. for now i think i will stay inside for a bit, stitching on a new creature and maybe watching a movie. hope you're weekend is going well so far!


Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

The contrast with the green is so amazing, your photos captured each color so well !
Congrats to Abby ! And thanks again for the chance to win this gorgeous piece !

Margie Oomen said...

our white trilliums are just beginning to open and i will be sure to observe their graceful ageing :)
lucky lucky abby

kate said...

Funny, we may have crossed paths today. I wasn't at the market, but drove by on my way to my mum's just up the road from it. The snowbirds were definitely like thunder, or like a deep wind blowing through.

I love trilliums.

Netta said...

your observation of the nature around you always amazes me. thanks for sharing

rebecca said...

"a master class in aging"... i love that!

abby said...

no way! Woo! That is so awesome K :) Off to email you...

And those trilliums are so beautiful. I don't ever see this color here.