Sunday, November 13, 2011


wintry pair

three clams

at top is a pair of hanging ornaments, a sand dollar shell in soft linen and a pale sea star in shimmery silk. below and a trio of clam shells in silk & sparkly linen, embellished with stitches and a few tiny barnacles. they are all now in the shop.

i am having a white moment, a pre-occupation with the cleanness of winter, the renewal of it. there is no white on the ground here, despite all of it that i'm seeing around the interwebs. that's okay - it's beginning to pile up in the hills, which is the best place for it, most of the time. still, photos like this and this make me wish for one little moment to be outside with it drifting down around me, edward scissorhands-style.

instead i'm trying to create my own little winter wonderland here. a few items stitched up in the palest of fabrics, a new ongoing collection i'm calling "frostbitten" (and don't ask if that refers to the pieces or just the winter focus of my brain!). an exploration of wintry whites in the coastal landscape. i may venture up into the arctic too - keep your eye out for more belugas and some other polar explorers.

for today though, i will switch focus back to some colour, with a couple lovely folks requesting a crew of crimson blood stars. red looks beautiful with winter white too.


Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful, K
last winter we didn't get a single day of snow
I HOPE this year we will actually have one !!!!!!!

leFiligree said...

wow--i like where you are going with this. perhaps i can shovel up enough snow pics to keep you inspired.

if you venture into arctic animals i will be so pleased! you canadians have the narwhal, mind you :)

Margie Oomen said...

very unusual for us not to have had a flurry or two by the middle of november so now I am hoping for white here as well

Jen said...

I like them--am looking for calmness, which is hard to find in the usual relentlessly cheerful winter decot.