Friday, November 11, 2011

friday flickr faves: peace

friday flickr faces

1. sea spray, 2. sunrise on the gatineau river at wakefield, 3. head to head reflecting, 4. amazing patterns, 5. shirt front coming together, 6. how i love thee, 7. Untitled, 8. first snow this morning, 9. frozen, 10. Winter reflection Nanaimo River, 11. brewing, 12. White Horses, 13. stack, 14. tiny dreamcatcher, 15. north wind sunset 2, 16. Cling


sending peace to you on this remembrance day.

the air was mild and the skies mostly clear as we stood at the cenotaph, joining a large group of others in the ceremonies. there was something in the air though, and dark clouds began moving in with the swiftness of the north wind as the ceremonies came to a close. A and i walked around the corner to get a hot drink, and while waiting for them to fill our travel mugs, saw the hail storm start outside. very nice of mother nature to wait until after the crowds had dispersed. we rushed back to the car and drove home through a mix of hail, rain and slush. it is not raining here at home but the northwest wind has blown in with strong gusts creaking at the trees. i'm feeling a bit on edge because of it. our prevailing wind, especially at this time of year, is the southeaster. maker of heavy rains and howling winds, and generally milder temps. but we're used to it, and so are the trees, for the most part. when a strong northwesterly comes in, the temperatures drop, and the tall trees get pushed in the opposite direction, one they're not used to. this is when they come down. we've already heard one good crack from outside, and i tense up each time a gust comes through the yard and bends the long cedar branches outside the window. there won't be any walks in the woods today.

if the rain does't set in, there might need to be a bundled up beach walk though - do you see that north wind sunset photo above? taken just south of here. the north wind definitely has some beautiful benefits that are not seen when a southeaster rain storm is blowing through.

wishing you a peaceful and warm november friday.

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