Tuesday, November 08, 2011

aliens of the seashore...



there are some strange creatures to be found in the ocean, aliens of the deep in forms, colours and sizes beyond our imaginations. the geoduck is one of these curiosities, a creature i freely admit to finding both fascinating and revolting at the same time. this clam is not so much an alien of the deep, but one of the intertidal shore of the pacific northwest. the largest intertidal and burrowing clam in the world. specimens are known to be over 140 years old, with a weight of over 15lbs and lengths of several feet. that's one serious clam.

this geoduck was requested as a custom order, which i love because once again it gives me the opportunity to delve into the strange inhabitants we share this place with and learn more about them. this clam is a more moderate size of 10 inches, stitched up in linen and silk. but i hope it holds the feel of these monstrous molluscs. a reminder of the west coast and its wild spaces, for someone now halfway across the world.


other things i'm liking:
• Joni's wintry walks with the moose
• i think i will be asking A if he could whip me up a set of these wooden home candlesticks. perfect for dark winter months.
karen barbe's creative darning has me almost wishing some of my clothes would spring a hole, so i could try and make them look this pretty.


Margie Oomen said...

this creature is so fantastic
i love how you are bringing lesser known species to life.

Tara said...

K, this guys is so very cool. Like you, this is one of those creatures that I find intriguing and revolting at the same time. Your stitching makes it beautiful. This reminds me of an invertebrate zoology course I took where I was exposed to many such creatures. Ever think about making a cuddle fish?

Anonymous said...

Interesting...the story, as well as your stitchy creation! It amazes me how you recreate these creatures with such a likeness! Your links were lovely as well..Jack might have to get busy on those wooden house candleholders for me too:-)

Flaming Nora said...

Beautiful work as ever. The link to the creative darning was very inspiring. Thank you.

kate said...

As soon as I saw that first picture I cried out "goeduck!!" One of my favourite weird creatures of the shore.

Unknown said...

Beautiful as always!! I had never heard of them .. thanks for the introduction!.. I do so love what you can do with linen, silk and thread!! :)

PS Finally finished and posted up the humpback today..I had been a little apprehensive getting the color down :) I'm happy.. Cheers , Helen