Wednesday, November 09, 2011


november rainbow

the colours at the beach right now seem perfectly suited for november. a rainbow of seaweeds washed ashore, but in dark tones suitable for this late month. they go with the light right now, a bit gloomy under a the near constant blanket of wooly sky, the dark slate tones of the rain soaked rocks and deep browns of the carpet of fallen leaves. the line of debris littering the high tide line fluctuates with the season. sometimes there are lots of shells, or the bleached bodies of crabs; this day was all about seaweed, piled deep where the gentle waves had pushed it up to shore at their highest point.


rumpled feathers

crab's eye view

strewn along the beach too, was a crew of large chum salmon, having seen better days. i'm not quite sure why there were there, washed up on the beach. the estuary is a good 5km away, although it's not totally unrealistic for them to wash back out that far. or they could be weak ones that didn't quite make it up the river, although they were all decent sized (except the one that was just a head!). there were lots of gulls around foraging at low tide, but they didn't seem interested at all in the fish, nor did i spot any eagles hovering around. a mystery for now.

washed ashore


>>>i've making small steps on my sketchbook for the sketchbook project, and the sketchbook blog provides lots of inspiration. i spend so much time with needle and thread, it has been fun to push myself to create with pencil and paper instead. i do think there will be some fabric and stitched touches to my sketchbook, but i did join this project in part because i feel i've let my drawing move to the backburner in recent years and i want to bring it out again. i didn't stray out of my current interests when picking one of the themes though..."uncharted waters". yeah, that sounds about right, doesn't it? stay tuned - i hope to have some pages to share with you soon. anyone else working away on their own sketchbook?

>>>have you been over to the poppytalk pre-holiday market yet? so many good things there this month.

>>>this weekend is a long one, with the remembrance holiday tomorrow. a good time for some quiet contemplation. what are you up to this weekend?


Allison said...

I have some serious coastal craving right now & your blog is helping a lot. Who knew I would want to cuddle all sorts of previously uncuddleable creatures?

leFiligree said...

loving that seaweed color, oh my! thats so amazing color and texture. have you ever pressed it?

do you think youll be posting bits of your sketchbook process? how will the switch back to drawing be influenced by your current stitches and photos...? cant wait to see

kate (littlehouse) said...

beachcombing is one of my favourite things and I'm so envious of your exotic finds. I'm glancing nervously at my pristine sketchbook and realising better get a move on if I'm to make it on tour!

Jacey said...

You're right; the beach colors you captured are perfect for November.

SaylorMade said...

Yes! I am also working on the Sketchbook project. This is my second year participating.

Mona said...

I was wondering if you've tried dyeing with seaweed. That dark purple could have some dye in it, perhaps. :)