Saturday, June 25, 2011

sea stars...

new sea stars

a quick pop in just to share a little half-rainbow of colour, three sea stars in a row. two were actually snapped up quickly, but the one on far right is available here. left to right is a cookie star (stitched with some of my onion-dyed fabric), an ochre star, and lastly a blood star. it has been fun to branch out from the more common ochre stars into some more unusual ones, such as the bat star i also made recently. i'm just slowly working my way through my current favourite book.

and if you want to see if i've truly lost my mind, wait till you see what i'm working on tonight. it's completely not what i was planning to stitch, but there you have it.


thank you to all who have stopped by the shop this week; it makes me so happy to send my little creatures off to good homes. and to all of you who stop by here just to visit, i'm so glad you do too. it is so nice to have such a good community of like-minded folks, even if we are sometimes half a world away from each other.


Storebukkebruse said...

You just take such great pictures! Clear and crisp and beautiful. You look for the simplicity of/in things - can relate to that. Please carry on:-)

lynda Howells said...

love your stitching and am wondering what you are stitching next????x lynda

Tara said...

I love your stars, k. Seeing these beautiful ones made me realize that perhaps in the near future I should get a little friend for the lone purple star I own.