Sunday, June 19, 2011

(almost) summer evening...


having trouble formulating posts on some of the other things i want to share, so instead, for now, i'll just share a bit of what's going on in the yard, as we slowly squeak into something possibly, maybe, resembling summer. we'll see, it's still not all that warm here, most of the time.

mom and pop robin have been busy in the yard almost constantly now, and yesterday morning i spotted one of them out with the two kids, hopping around the grass in search of worms. the adult let the babies wander here and there, exploring, but then swooped in regularly with a mouthful of worms to share.

spent poppy

yesterday evening i spotted a strange bird through the window, mostly hidden in the branches of the cherry tree. before i could get a good look it was gone, but i suspect it may have been a male house finch. i'm hoping he will return. so i sat outside on the bare stone path for a bit, waiting, and listening to the loud and insistent chirp of a young robin hopping along the grass in search of mom, certainly big enough but seeming not quite ready to take off. and i took some photos of the plants immediately in my field of view.


the bright orange poppies from a few weeks ago are finished now, leaving curious, velvety pods like the one up there. the columbines are blooming just fine as you can see, a profuse flush. and the thyme is blooming too, delicate little pale pink blossoms.

thyme in bloom

speaking of flowers and seeds, does anyone have any good recommendations for allergies? i have been in denial but the sneezing is getting a bit out of hand. i didn't develop seasonal allergies unitl well into adulthood, so they always sort of catch me by surprise. and part of the reason i am usually in denial is because antihistamines are so ridiculously expensive these days. and i'd much rather use something a bit more natural. but i may be headed to the drugstore shortly.


netta said...

I've heard honey and bee pollen(both locally sourced) can help, as the bees feed on the local flowers that may be bothering you

kate said...

From what we've been told, many of the natural remedies need to be started pre-allergy season.

My husband, who also developed allergies as an adult, uses a non-drowsy generic brand. Our pharmacist recommended he switch, as he says it is just as effective and a lot cheaper. He found the different brands fairly interchangeable when he was buying brand names.

Margie Oomen said...

most of the natural remedies I have heard of need to be started way before the season begins just as kate said. My personal favorite nondrowsy antihistamine is aerius . From a chemists point of view it is the purist although it is also probably the most expensive.

Tara said...

Lovely photos, k. My husband suffers from seasonal allergies and finds antihistamines work fairly well. I have also heard that local honey would help.