Saturday, June 25, 2011

low tide...

red rock crab

with the thrill of the amazing creatures i saw last monday, i didn't get a chance to post some shots of the equally amazing, albeit not quite as rare, creatures i saw on sunday. the tide was quite low and there were as always, some treasures to be found. above is a red rock crab, about as big as my hand. i've seen lots of them while peering down into the water from boats or my paddleboard, but never found one tucked into the sand like this before. i suspect he wasn't doing all that well, as despite being known for their sharp pinch (see those big claws?) he was quite docile and even let me pick him up without protest. i moved him over into the shallows and while briefly distracted by an eagle i left him alone for a few minutes. when i came back he was gone, so i hope he moved into deeper water where he might be happier.

hermit crab

there were lots of hermit crabs exploring the beach. this one was very small.

coming in for a landing

as is my habit when i walk, i keep my ears tuned for the shrill whistles of bald eagles circling overhead. quite often they alight on big rocks along the shoreline, and i can't help playing a little game with them, seeing how close they might let me get to take photos. even with their backs to me, i know they are always perfectly aware of what i'm doing, probably chuckling in their heads at me. but they do often let me approach quite close, allowing shots like these.


as usual there were also lots of ochre stars exposed with the low tide, some strewn on the sand, others tucked together against rocks. this was a new one for me though - six arms! although most sea stars have five arms, there are occasional species with more (sun stars in particular). and ochre stars are one of many that can regrow arms if they are sheared off. in this case i supposed this guy thought he needed one extra. can you see his little crabby friend?

six-armed ochre star


today i am working on some stitching, but i'm also going to head outside for a bit and do some weeding and other maintenance around the yard. it's an overcast day, but calm with hints of sun every now and then. i'm content to hang out at home today though - A has the next two days off so here's hoping for some adventures! what are you up to this weekend?


kate said...

The 6 arm dude is cool! We also like to play with the eagles :)

Weeding and planting were both on my agenda today, and now with a lovely chicken roasting in the oven I think I shall sit and knit.

Butterfly Eli said...

Your blog always has such a nice variety of animal life and beautiful sewing! I have had your June calendar wallpaper up all month and have been enjoying it a lot. I hoped I might ask you to consider making one for July, perhaps using one of these lovely photos? Thanks for the beautiful imagery, regardless!

Cloudberry said...

Love the eagle!! Seems like you live at a wonderful place filled with wildlife!! Wish we had some of it here - the kids would be thrilled to find crabs and ochre starts like the one you have :)

lynda Howells said...

amazing images and rather in love with the last purple creature!x lynda

Tara said...

Great photos, k. What are everyday sights for you are treasures for me.