Friday, June 10, 2011

friday flickr favourites

friday flickr faves

1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!, 2. sun, 3. Are you lookin' at me?, 4. birds on the rocks, 5. 2/6.2011 - the golden hour, 6. dawn mist, 7. through the gap, 8. DQS9 - close up, 9. I made a boat!, 10. House Sparrow collage, 11. 7::365, 12. i wanted to bottle the warmth and bring it home, 13. doings :: flower csa, 14. the beads on his hairy legs, 15. mamaduck, 16. i'm in love

wishing you all a good weekend! i'm headed to the beach tomorrow with my niece and nephews - if lucky i shall return with lots of beach exploring photos to share.


Storebukkebruse said...

I am always looking foreward to your photos :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the colours in these pictures - sunny and inspiring with a touch of the unexpected. Mellemste bukkebruse :>) V

Lovely World said...

Such pretty choices. Thanks for the cheer.

Tara said...

Beautiful collection of photos and such. I am a little behind on my blog reading so this was an awesome way to start my Monday morning.