Sunday, March 27, 2011



yesterday i headed up island a little ways to meet up with a friend for a walk along a river trail. we regularly plan at least one walk along this river this time of year, to investigate the progress of spring. there is probably another week or so before things really get going, but we were not disappointed. the fawn lily above is a case in point. there were hundreds of green leaves poking up, signalling where there will be hundreds of pink flowers soon enough, but it was very exciting to spot a couple that were already showing their pretty flowers. the shoots of trilliums were also coming along, but no flowers yet. i will have to go back soon.


i found two empty snail shells along the trail. my friend theorized they shed their shells in the hopes of becoming slugs, although it does seem there are more empty shells lying around this time of year.

new shoots

the salmonberry bushes are just beginning to show green shoots here and there. soon enough there will be delicate pink flowers brightening up the bushes too.


and one fat little bumblebee was working steadily pollinating flowers. here he was moving from crocus to crocus, but his bum was so heavy with pollen he could barely fly.

bright light of spring

and skunk cabbage! or swamp lanterns/lilies, if you prefer. despite their admittedly sour smell, the sight of these glowing yellow bulbs poking through the mud are like a bright light of spring. my friend jen is the best person to go on these walks with, the only person who would get as giddy as me as we spot various plants returning to the woods.

today is a bit wetter, showers moving through. i think i'll bake some bread and continue with various knitting and stitching. maybe i'll get out this afternoon in search of stinging nettle to cook up. what are you up to?


Tara said...

Spring definitely appears to have arrived on the west coast.

Katha said...

amazing captures!
it seems like spring is very close. reminds me of cleaning our house =)

Margie Oomen said...

spring is radiating from these pictures. Fantastic

Kitty said...

Love the photos! I'm envious- we don't have growth like that yet!

Annie said...

I noticed spring last year at our property many empty shells in one spot. I was curious about what that was about.... I love spring and your view of it is very beautiful!

Mona said...

Your spring progress seems to be just like the ours - on the other side of the world (Denmark) right now. Your pictures could be from my place, except from the skunk cabbage. I don't think we have those over here.