Monday, March 14, 2011

another mossy monday...


more moss? yup. you should be used to it by now - it covers nearly every surface out here on the coast! another weekend walk, on a surprisingly still snowy and wet trail. the weather was quite mild though, and it was nice to walk with jacket open and no mitts and hat. i was enjoying capturing the close-ups of the moss on the trees we passed. i often go for walks by myself, and when i do venture out with friends, i wonder if i drive them nuts the way i constantly stop to snap photos. oh well, nothing to be done, that's just what i do.

moss coated polypore

i even found a few hardy fungi poking through under their winter coats of moss. as winter slowly, reluctantly allows spring to make little inroads here and there, i've been starting to think about spring mushrooms. morels, specifically. anyone have any experience? i had a lot of fun getting into mushroom hunting last fall, but i know very little about finding morels. it would seem they are partial to areas of the previous year's wildfires, so i may have to look into that more. however, despite wildfires being a large problem in BC during the summer months, we have far less on the island than the rest of the province (not that i'm complaining!).

red tips

yesterday's monsoon continued through the night and has only eased off late this morning. it would seem another system is following closely behind though, and the wind is already picking up again. so despite our increased evening daylight hours brought on by the time change, i'm not sure i'll be able to get out much this week if the forecast is any indication. here's hoping you are having a better weather window than i!

i am working steadily away on a new little pod of swimmers (whales and others), so there should be more crafty images to share soon, hopefully a few more sneak peeks as i go along too.


Margie Oomen said...

i really notice the difference here with your new lense.
You eye for beauty in nature has not changed but the clarity is amazing

kate said...

That second picture totally looks like a turtle coming out of a millweed-covered pond. Wow.

I'm thankful for a brief weather window that allowed a boy to try out some new rollerblades for the afternoon, but I believe you are right and another storm is coming. Last night's storm rattled the windows big time!

dawn said...

I love moss and am letting it slowly take over my lawn. Sadly though, I did have to get a friend and his pressure washer to take it off our roof.

Your photos are gorgeous.

Tara said...

I love your moss photos. So please keep snapping. I'm sure your friends will understand. Tell them that people in eastern Canada depend upon your moss photos in the winter.