Monday, March 21, 2011

saturday walk

beach scene

in typical west coast fashion, the weather on saturday was a bit undecided. every time i would think about heading to the beach, the rain would start again and dampen (literally) my enthusiasm for taking my new little friends to the shore for photos and a wander. i was determined to head out anyway, playing chicken with the clouds by running a few errands around town while keeping an eye on the sky for my window. this didn't necessarily provide a clearer picture, as the weather was different depending on where i was in town, so in the end i just pointed the truck toward the beach, driving through alternating rain and sun on the way. you can see above the tumultuous sky once i was walking on the sand.

little shell

the wind was slowly picking up as i walked around the point, and the sand bars slowly disappearing as the tide came in. i had hoped for more sea lions but none were to be seen. i did find signs of why they are around though. i picked up the pretty pink oyster shell below only to find the tiniest of translucent eggs - herring roe - clinging to its edges. the sea lions are eating the herring that are in the area spawning right now. in some spots along the inside passage the water has been know to take on a tropical hue, a milky turquoise tint because of the spawn.

little eggs

i was filling one hand (the camera free one, of course) with small shells as i walked along, and when my hand was full i arranged them on an untouched spot of sand for a few shots. i seem to be spending more and more time lately laying on the ground to take shots; i'm enjoying that particular perspective i guess. no wonder i keep finding rocks and sand and other detritus that has followed me home in pant cuffs and pockets. while i still like capturing nature in its own design, i find recently a new desire to play around with her treasures, a la andy goldsworthy (albeit in a much more amateur way). while this attempt is merely that, a casual construction without a lot of forethought, i'm interested to play around further.

a small collection

after yesterday's gorgeous sunshine, clear skies continue today, tickled at the edges by light clouds. we'll see if it holds out, but there is a distinct feeling of actual, real spring in the air. feels good, doesn't it?



kate said...

Beautiful photos, we went to the lake on Saturday which I will be posting soon.

I agree, I can actually feel spring today!

Katha said...

yes your photos are indeed very beautiful! i almost forgot about andy goldsworthy but as you mention him i remember my dad having some of his books and i was deeply facinated as a kid.

Tara said...

I can see why it was difficult to read the weather. That sky is showing all weather at the same time. I really like your 'from the ground" perspective.