Friday, March 25, 2011

sand and sun...

low tide at kye bay

argh, this day was off to a slow start before it even really started. i woke up at about six, and had the thought that i should turn off the alarm so i could sleep in, since it was saturday and all. except... of course it's not saturday, which occurred to me a split second later. nuts. at least i didn't actually turn off the alarm. this just feels like a really long week, and i'm glad that it's nearly over, if not quite there yet.

miles of ripples

A and i went for a walk on wednesday evening, out at a bay we don't visit often. to my delight the tide was waaaaaaaay out, the sand bars stretching far out into the strait. it was fun to go to the beach and instead of turning left or right to walk along the shore just marching straight out to sea. reminds me of the endless stretches of sand on fanø, a small island where some of my family lives in denmark (if only i could prowl our beaches in search of little pieces of amber, not just shells and rocks!). of course on that long sandy beach you can also ride bikes and drive cars, so i suppose it's still a bit different...

lined up

the evening was quiet with only a few other visitors - a big difference from how this beach will be come summertime. we walked far out to one of the pointed edges of sand, and watched how the water was already working its way steadily up the ripples, claiming the beach for itself once again. i was amazed how quickly it was moving, how obvious as it filled in ripple after ripple. unfortunately all that sand didn't turn out to be full of too many treasures to be found by my ever-searching eyes, mostly the scattered shells of manila clams and the dark bodies of sand dollars waiting for the retuning tide. i did find the remnants of a very large moon snail shell nestled amongst the rocks higher on the beach, but let it be.

incoming tide

i've got some crafty ideas stirring around in my mind for this weekend, including playing a bit with margie's fabric. but i also hope to finish up this little hat i've been knitting away on evenings this week. a bit of argyle with a double-braided edge that i hope my friend will enjoy. it's smaller than my "go to" hat size, as she has specifically requested something small (and was years ago a recipient of a hat i'd decided was too small for me), but i'm hoping i haven't made it too small. i'm happy with where it's going, so i don't want to have to undo the whole thing!

new hat for a friend

wishing you a weekend full of spring weather and relaxation!


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

To be able to explore those sands! Such a beautiful place you live in.

Have a great weekend.

Tara said...

The hat looks great. I really like the colours you have chosen.

Netta said...

love the argyle for the hat!

Margie Oomen said...

cant wait to see what you are stitching up.
the knitting is amazing