Thursday, November 25, 2010


morning moon, originally uploaded by k | fogandswell.

a shot from a few mornings ago, when it was well below zero (celcius), and the big moon was still high in the sky at eight in the morning. here it sits over mount washington, the local ski hill, still capped with snow most recently from the weekend.

this morning though, a system is moving in and it's snowing heavily and the bare patches are all covered up again. they are predicting a little pile up of snow this morning, but then turning to rain as it continues to warm up. i don't mind it warming up so much as that cold snap was well below normal, but i will miss the clean white landscape. it is supposed to rain for several days, which will turn the island back to brown and green (and dismal - that's a colour, right?). the snow always makes it feel lighter out in these dark days.

however, it is sure to continue snowing up on that mountain above, piling up deep and pure. getting ready for a good season of playing on my snowboard!


kate said...

Just heard last night that they are opening a week early again thanks to all this snow!

Can't imagine it is going to turn to rain, as I watch the snow coming down thick and fast. But this being the west coast, I know very well it could happen even in the next five minutes.

Tara said...

Dismal is definitely a winter colour here in southern Ontario. My oldest (6 1/2) has asked for a snowboard for Christmas. At first, I was hesitant. He gets his athletic skills for me and I apologize silently to him. But he has never been a risk taker and we don't want to discourage him so a snowboard it is. Fortunately we have a nice small hill in the backyard. So now I am wishing for snow too.

Suse said...

What a glorious photo! I hope you get more snow and less rain soon though.

terri said...

beautiful picture.

Lovely World said...

You've outdone yourself with that owl you just posted to etsy! How lovely. Owls are a big deal around my house right now. My son's class has been studying them, and we really enjoyed the Legends of Guardians/Owls of Gahoole movie. Perhaps I should try my hand at an owl...such inspiration!