Tuesday, November 30, 2010

last day of november...

spiralling moss

this november feels like it has been colder that usual. the two snowfalls we have already had might have something to do with that feeling. but the damp cold we experience out here on the coast, where the temperature hovers just above freezing and the humidity is high, can chill most bones after much time spent outside. i just found out we only have about 8 1/2 hours of daylight these days, and since about eight of those hours are spent at work for me during the week, i feel like i am not spending much time outside at all.

moss on rock

the rain held off most of the weekend and i managed to get outside for a little bit, bundled in layers to fight off the chill. the forest is settling down for the winter, all the decomposing leaves forming a blanket on the forest floor, many of them still under a lingering crust of snow. a few mushrooms poke stubbornly through, here and there. there is one thing that seems to be thriving though, and that is the moss. it coats all surfaces in the woods - trees, rocks, fallen logs and stumps - anywhere where it can gain a purchase. and there are so many different kinds to be found as well. certainly creates a lush feeling forest, even in these waning days of the year.

last leaves

on that note, seriously? when did we get all the way to the last month of the year? it always comes too fast. but i am swinging fully into the holiday mood, with christmas music and a few decorations starting to come out. i've been lighting candles more frequently in the evenings; their warm glow easing the dark nights as the rain pours down and the wind howls. i've never been much of a tea person, but this year as the cold weather set in i seem to have become some sort of addict. for the holidays i have been in the mood for chocolate mint, and gingersnap teas (although i'm still on the fence about the gingersnap) instead of my usual yerba mate or rooibos. a warm cup helps put me in a cozy seasonal mood.

anyway, in my roundabout way, i'm curious about your traditions, holiday or otherwise. what things do you like to do around this time of year, whether they be outright festive displays, or more subtle things (like a good cup of tea) to lighten up the dark days of winter?

looking up


Tara said...

First, those moss photos are stunning. I wish our woods were lush but they are more just bare around here. Second, we are definitely in preparations for the coming Christmas season. I just hung our Advent stockings a few minutes ago and am getting our collection of Christmas books out. As far as tea goes, I'm enjoying a candy cane tea a chocolate spice tea these days.

kate said...

Cookies. Hot Chocolate. Twinkle lights. Advent calendar and lots of Christmas books will be put out tomorrow. I'm a big fan of peppermint tea. And try to get out and walk, even in the rain, just to breath fresh air.

I love the moss and how green the forest is at this time of year.

Terri said...

we have a lot of moss this year, way more then normal. On one part of our path in back seems like we are walking on carpet. The ground is a lot wetter then normal, parts of the path are under water, never seen that at this time of year before.
Re Christmas, all I have done is put the wreath out and gotten my swags ready, will put them out today, and maybe set up my village, and put my snowboarders on the fake mountain.