Sunday, November 14, 2010

weekend work...

a new project

i did manage to get out for a beach walk today, but i'll share those shots in my next post. for this one i thought i would show some snippets of crafting and cooking that i did over the weekend. i am working on some new soft sculpture pieces (see below), as well as some drawings that i'm hoping to incorporate into a new project (see above). i don't feel i was as productive as i hoped (isn't that always the way?), but i'm making progress with a few things.

saturday baking

i also found time for a bit of baking, bread and cookies. this walnut bread was a new recipe for me, with a very tasty result. i didn't braid the dough like the recipe directed, preferring instead to make standard loaves that would be more sandwich-friendly. i also made some mexican chocolate cookies, based on a recipe i found in the current "holiday cookies" mag from martha stewart. delicious, with a bit of a kick from the cayenne. i'm hoping to accumulate some cookies in the freezer for holiday giving. next up, i'm thinking some rum walnut cookies.

gone to the birds

how about you? hope your weekend was full of crafting and yummy treats, or just relaxing with a good book if that's what you were in the mood for.


kate said...

My son and I made oatmeal and raisin cookies today, and we all went out for a good neighbourhood walk as well. I finished knitting a cowl. So all in all a very good week-end. Plus a lovely roast beef dinner complete with lots of veggies, roasted red potatoes and yorkshire puddings!

Tara said...

Love those mushroom drawings. I bought a new set of watercolours this weekend so I've been squeezing in a little bit of drawing. Can't wait to see what your plans are for the drawings. What did you colour your mushrooms with? Marker? Pencil?