Tuesday, November 16, 2010


blue horizon

on sunday i ventured out for a bit, a break in the wet weather of november. it was still a dark sort of day, with low hanging clouds obscuring the mountains on the island and the mainland across the water. it felt good to get outside into the fresh air though. the world felt very grey, steely blue; the ocean, beach and overcast sky blending together in one slate tone.

a scavenging party

the birds were busy though. lots of gulls scavenging the shoreline, eagles swooping low or paired in trees, their high pitched call floating through the air. all kinds of ducks and seabirds skimmed past in the water. i'm pretty good with birds, but i need to spend a bit more time learning my ducks i think. some of the males have such pretty markings and head shapes. other people too, were out enjoying a sunday walk, or paddle, as i saw many kayaks moving swiftly in the dead calm water. one couple was loading white buckets onto their truck, having filled them with seaweed washed ashore, soon to fertilize their garden

abandon(ed) ship

this boat was not having nearly as much fun, abandoned and stripped on the beach. left alone to weather the storms against the rocks. it's supposed to blow tonight, and that exposed point would not be a good spot for anyone.

along the shore

i had noticed these trees earlier this season, and saw them again as i drove home. free of leaves now, but still heavily weighed down with this small round fruit. anyone know what they are? they are roughly the size of large cherries, mostly yellow but as you can see also orangey-red and a darker, almost purple colour. of course that may just be as they rot on the tree.

moss, lichen and fruit

there's no chance for daylight photos during the week now, it being mostly dark when i leave in the morning, and mostly dark when i come home again. glad i save these photos for a little midweek shot of nature for you (and me). tonight i'm baking more cookies, walnut rum wafers. i think i've made them before, but i'm not sure (although not being a rum drinker, i can only assume that's why i have rum in the cupboard!).


Tara said...

Lovely grey photos. I love the colours of the berries in the last photo.

joanie said...

Beautiful images, really showing off the beauty of the season.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Gorgeous place.

Could those be cherry plums?