Tuesday, July 24, 2007

tweed & stripes...

after this i might need to take a small knitting breather. introducing the brea bag in all its tweedy goodness. i have been complaining forever about needing a purse (picture me when i grocery shop, trying to juggle produce and my wallet, keys, phone, ipod, and sunglasses), but never seem to find one i like. i found this gem on ravelry (what did i do before ravelry?), and promptly added it to my to do list. i reallly enjoyed the knitting - was brainless but interesting nonetheless. i am a little disappointed with my choice in yarn, but only because i feel the fuzziness of it hides the lovely cables. reading other's comments after knitting this bag, i knew my best bet was to line it and add a zipper if i wanted real functionality. however, between my temperamental sewing machine and my general issues with sewing something to a knitted product, i think it's best if no one examines my handiwork too closely. the strap is just a scrap of beautiful leather i had.

next on the docket are my new candystriper socks. i started these a few weeks ago as an easy but fun project after the lacy challenges of the flower basket shawl. basic toe up, with a 2x1 rib at the top - 34 rows of it, but only because that's how much i needed to use up all the pink yarn (leftover from the shawl). again, a project that has a few quirks, such as discovering that the red wool is finer than the pink, so the sock with more pink is slightly larger, but given that they are pretty funky looking anyway, i won't be losing sleep over it. i'll just be enjoying them when i succumb to wearing socks again - but hopefully that won't be for a couple more months! rain and wind came roaring back last week after a brief few days of heat, but sunshine seems to have returned again so i am trying to actually believe maybe it is july, and not october as it is trying hard to be.

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Anonymous said...

Those are really cute socks, yet I have to say I'm a bit enchanted by your purse. It's been in my queue for a bit too with no yarn picked out, but you know I'm kind of digging the earthy-ness (?) of the tweed.