Tuesday, July 03, 2007

other uses for a crashpad...

also titled: is it ever going to stop raining so i can go climbing? another FO - Evelyn Clark's flower basket shawl. this was pretty much my first real attempt at lace knitting, although i had a good grasp of the basics from doing some smaller lace patterns on all those fingerless gloves. it was definitely a challenge trying to figure out what tension to have, and to keep track of the pattern. i think if i attempt another shawl i will need to spring for some lace needles, as the straight 5mm were not ideal. there are a few errors in the finished product, but hopefully only i will notice them, although one is fairly obvious. i added one extra repeat of the lower flower basket chart.

the yarn i love - fleece artist merino sock, after i decided it was far too beautiful to hide on my feet. i think it works well for this pattern. and what else do we ahve going on here? little more than half an hour's work and some leftover classic merino and i have a little protective pocket for my new ipod nano, as well as an extra pocket for my fm tuner or a pair of headphones. basic stockinette knit in the round, with a top flap done in moss stitch.

what's next? a few things, but i need something definitely less lacey, although am still in love with the fleece artist. with that in mind, i have decided to combine the leftovers with the leftover red yarn from the diamond socks made earlier this year and create some fun basic socks with a simple stripe pattern. mindless, but i think the result will rock.

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