Sunday, July 08, 2007

the heat of summer...

I've been thinking lately that I am giving a bit too much focus to my knitting on this blog and ignoring all the other things I love to do. Not that I couldn't blather on about knitting all day, but I forget to post about all the sewing I do too, and how much I love to cook, and anything else that happens when I'm not parked in front a computer. So in an attempt to change this, here's a little something I came up with for dinner tonight. I find it a bit hard to get inspired when A is away and I'm cooking for one, but am trying to make an effort and make sure I still get something healthy into me.

Summer calls for nothing too heavy, full of fresh, crisp veggies and flavours. I had been thinking about coconut milk, but a curry seemed too rich. So here is a toss together, with nothing measured, but with yummy flavours and a good hit of spicy heat.

Coconut-lime Veggies & Rice:
First, cook some rice (I used brown basmati) - quantity and type up to your preference; cook according to package directions. While that is cooking:
• Medium-sized chunks of bell pepper (I used red and orange)
• Finely diced jalepeno (use more or less depending on your heat tolerance - I used 1/2 of one)
• A bit of finely diced ancho pepper (also catered to your heat tolerance)
• A can of diced green chilies (not spicy)
• Chopped snap peas (I cut them in half or thirds)
• About half a can of corn
• Maybe 3 cloves of garlic, finely diced
• Half a can of coconut milk (I used the organic stuff)
• Juice from half a lime
Saute veggies in a pan with a bit of olive oil, then pour in coconut milk and lime and let simmer while you wait for the rice to cook. When the rice is done, scoop some into a bowl and top with the veggie mix. Enjoy!

But....there certainly has been some knitting. I am well into the second of my striped socks, and have also cast on for Peony Knits' Circular Shrug with some beautiful Noro Silk Garden. And did I mention that Ravelry is sooooo much trouble? But in a good way ;)

By the way, it is finally summer here (no gradual change for us!).

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