Wednesday, July 11, 2007

some kind of sickness...

I keep reading about knitters who love their Noro, but I had no idea. Now I'm seeing what happens. I bought five skeins of Silk Garden 203 on Sunday, and since then I've become obsessed. I'm knitting the Circular Shrug, and it seems to have taken over my life - I can't seem to get anything else done as all I want to do is knit. In this shot I am about 14 inches along - I'm sure it will be more before the end of the night. And to top off the craziness, it is 36 degrees out! Who on earth would knit a sweater in this heat? Thankfully, my apartment is wonderfully cool compared to the stagnant wall of air that hits you outside.

You may also notice I have abandoned the faux rib on the body and am doing straight stockinette on each side (the better to show off the yarn) with the vinnland socks pattern in the middle. I'm loving the result so far.

My only hope at this point is to keep going, so when I'm done I can actually pretend there are other things going on in my life!

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Theresa said...

Oh, I am SO inspired by this! It's gorgeous!!