Wednesday, September 05, 2012

wild beauty...

the rowdies

rooster tails

scratching the itch

alone with my thoughts

big bull


orca with a view

A little Discovery Islands exploring on the holiday Monday. As always, you can click on the photos for more details.


I finally found some ripe blackberries (seems so many are late this year) and filled up my buckets this evening while the tide came in behind me and a pair of Pacific loons fished just off shore. Nothing like navigating back to the truck with precarious buckets along a shoreline that is quickly disappearing. Ella is working on 30 days of foraging, and while I don't know that I'll get there, September is definitely a good month for squirrelling away some goods for winter, especially those that can be foraged in the wild. Blackberries, plums, apples. Soon enough mushrooms, although those don't get preserved so much as devoured as soon as they come home. Do you do any foraging?


All sorts of fun things:
>> this different take on banana bread (with sesame seeds!) sounds really good.
>> did i mention i've been snagged by the fly fishing hook? Jillian and the girls have it figured out.
>> in love with the casual shape of Alabama Chanin's take on this Tracy Reese dress.
>> Adventure Journal's weekend cabin series is my new favourite place to escape.
>> the chilly nights are calling me into soup season. good thing I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to just soups!


kate said...

I'm on the blackberry hunt!

Margie Oomen said...

i expected it to be cool , sweater and soup weather when i returned from the east coast but alas it is hot and humid and I had to wait to do all my laundry in order to find something to put on. I am definitely checking out your soup board though.