Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[almost] wordless wednesday

one more

wait for me!

bow games



Because really, do you need words for this? Dolphins corner the market on pure joy, I think sometimes. They certainly know how to have fun. I admit to feeling frustrated by them (as well as porpoises) - they are often so fast and all over the place in the water that getting a photo seems impossible. But on occasion, they put on a show that leaves you breathless.

I hope these photos put a smile on your face like they do me. Happy Wednesday.


Mona said...

I my nex life I want to live where you live! That nature and the wild life that surrounds you. I think it must make people living there more broad-minded, free and wild (or creative). Sigh!

kate said...


Sea Gypsy said...

I totally agree with Mona's comment. To be surrounded by so much wild beauty on a daily basis....what a blessing!!

Sarah said...

You. Are. Amazing! Thank you for sharing the amazingness!

david at studio tuesday said...

So coool!

CampbellHouse said...

Amazing and beautiful!!