Friday, September 21, 2012

fall friday...

forest prize

september forest

up from below


It's fall tomorrow. Fall. On the one hand this year is flying by; on the other, I love to be in the midst of this season. Autumn has been coming on very slowly around here - summer was so very late in arriving (really not until the second week of July), but the last two months have overflowed with sunny days. We could desperately use some rain, but I think it's coming in the next few days; here's hoping there might be a few more sunny ones before the grey of November arrives. Still, there are a few mushrooms that poke up without any rain at all.


Much of this weekend will be spent getting a head start on moving, with next weekend to finish things up. Yeah, that sounds fun.

I've started adding naturally dyed fabric packs to the shop. I hope they will be something you will enjoy using in your own stitching projects. If I get a break in the midst of packing, I will try and get a couple more in there. I just got some lovely buttery yellows from some mushroom dyeing. Each pack will be unique, as I dye in small quantities - and I like to keep some of it for myself too!


the Blue Rabbit House. said...

Beautiful photos!

I love the idea of your naturally dyed fabrics.

david at studio tuesday said...

Love your mushroom pictures! Mine never look that good.

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

hopping over from flickr after favouriting your wooded pictures. The filtered light looks amazing - I can almost smell the moss.

erin said...

happy fall, K!

Where ya moving to? Nearby or faraway?