Sunday, August 12, 2012

on the river...





Yesterday, late morning, a merry band of woodland creatures took to the forest trail, intent on a little photoshoot amongst the moss and towering firs. Walking the winding paths, gravel and dirt crunching underfoot, the rush of water and the slightly metallic smell of the river wafted through the trees. Before long I found myself wading through the shallows to let a few of these creatures survey the river from their very own rocky perch. I mentioned the other day about the relationship between forest and river and here in this spot it is especially clear, one flowing into the other in more ways than one.

The newest beast around these parts is a little coyote, a scrappy fellow still getting used the island (like the fox there are no actual coyotes on this island). He is not sure about these warm summer days of August, already decked out for fall in donegal tweed and scraps of a wool sweater. But he likes to go stalking through the dry grass in search of small prey, or as here, keeping an eye for fish in the river. He was joined at the water by the little beaver, who was much more interested in chewing on some juicy logs (I had to draw the line at actual swimming though), and little raccoon who likes to wash his food before he eats it.

As mentioned, the shop is slowly having a woodland invasion. There is the raccoon, and a trio of edible mushrooms. Later today I will be adding an amanita muscaria, and we'll see what else gets in there. The days are swirling by so quickly, don't you find? Much like the river these days - not in a full flood, pausing in a gentle pool here and there, but heading with determination downstream all the same.

Happy Sunday folks.


Netta said...

Love the beaver! nice teeth:)

Margie Oomen said...

your softies always have the sweetest poses

Starr White said...

What a cute crowd! The look like they're quite enjoying the morning sunshine. Can't wait to see the mushrooms!!