Friday, August 03, 2012

foxy loxy

foxy loxy

foxy loxy

lock up your chickens, there's a new vixen on the prowl. or at least that's what i told A, which was a bit confusing since he doesn't have any chickens. probably safer that way, with a wiley red fox now roaming the house. this little vixen is stitched up in orange and white linens, with some black wool boots and ear tips. thankfully she doesn't seem too interested in the raccoon or the beaver, but who knows what might happen if any rabbits or mice appear. speaking of that, i think creatures and mushrooms will start to enter the shop next week too, but i'll be sure to give you a heads up.

while there are foxes in bc, there are none on vancouver island. and so, the one time i saw a fox was from the window of a train rolling through the english countryside. a serendipitous little glimpse in the early morning light. but as we slip into the lolling days of august my mind is distracted by all sorts of woodland creatures these days, as you have already gathered. we are heading into what promises to be a scorcher of a weekend and yet my mind is thinking about crisp clear autumn days in the forest. soon enough, i know, and i'll enjoy the summer while it lasts.

tomorrow morning we are pointing the truck north, heading to a remote beach where the air is a bit cooler and there might even be a bit of fog and swell. there'll be some paddle surfing, some reading, and some exploring as we while away the weekend with a couple friends. hopefully there'll be some wildlife too. wishing you all a good weekend (a long one here in canada) and i'll be back next week.

eta - just a little "behind the scenes" of the distractions (and possible dangers to foxes!) that can appear while doing a photo session. rustling bushes alerted me to the neighbour's cat coming over to say hello...and immediately stretch out for a good scratch and play.

behind the scenes


leFiligree said...

while we are most definitely NOT going to have a scorcher here, it is finally sunny. i dont even know what to do with myself! enjoy your long excursion.

Sonia / COZY MEMORIES said...

Oh, K, this fox is simply amazing ! I will be looking forward to seeing everything in the shop !
You've done an awesome work !

Flaming Nora said...

we can see the foxes in our back garden most evenings, chewing up every thing we were silly enough to have lest out. Beautiful and charming though they are yours is a whole lot cleaner and healthy looking!

Heather M. said...

I love this little fox. It's so very cute. I'm not looking forward to the weather this weekend. I'll be hiding inside with the air conditioner going!

Margie Oomen said...

love that last photograph