Saturday, October 08, 2011

shop update...

Orca, no. 4

Pacific White-Sided Dolphin, no.2

Boro Grey Whale, no.4

Orca, no. 3

just to let you know that a few new whales and a dolphin (sorry, as i write this, he's already gone!), plus a couple sea urchins, have found their way into the shop this morning. the grey whale and dolphin are dressed for fall in grey corduroy and a bit of wool, something to help keep off the chill as they ply the first storms of the season.

after an early thanksgiving meal with friends last night i am feeling full - of thanks for great friends, not just all that delicious food! today is grey and gloomy and i will get myself ready for heading up to our mountain chalet tonight. i'm thinking handknit sweaters, tea, and some knitting to work on for good measure. what are you up to this weekend?


oh and just one thing - do you twitter? if you do, would you like to get shop updates that way? although i am fairly sure i don't need another reason to sit in front of the computer, it does seem like lots of people use it, and in some cases instead of facebook (ps, that link takes you to the fog and swell page - pop over and like it if you're inclined!). just am wondering if anyone would welcome shop updates and other short ramblings about my craftings over there. thanks for your feedback.


Els said...

You make such great patterns: your beasts look just right !!!
I love the gray whale with all the acornshells and marks on his skin.
(had not much time last time I looked, but love the funny coloured carots and radishes of the previous post ;-) !!!)

Margie Oomen said...

making the stuffing for the thanksgiving beast right now.
The weather in Ontario is unreal this weekend and I do believe we will be feasting in the backyard later today.
Your new creations are fantastic as always.

Tara said...

I am in love with the dolphin and not at all surprised that he sold that quickly. Later today we will be heading to my mother's for Thanksgiving dinner. The rest of the weekend is being spent absorbing as much of the beautiful warm sunshine as we can. Happy Thanksgiving, k.

Anonymous said...

Your new additions are fantastic!!! Your weekend plans sound HEAVENLY!!! Our weather here is sunny and mid 70's..Unreal for this time of year! Sadly..I am working, but I will be enjoying this AMAZING weather tomorrow! oh..and I will LIKE you on FB! Sometimes with so much going on a little reminder is nice:) Enjoy your weekend..

Anonymous said...

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