Monday, October 10, 2011

autumn in the alpine...

electric colours

little purple flowers

a walk with friends

today was grey and gloomy, the rain pouring down all day. after we got home this morning from our trip up to the mountain, we settled into the warm, dry house without any plans. after roasting a chicken on friday, and eating someone else's turkey last night, i've got two pots simmering on the stove, brewing rich broth from both of their bones. part of the stock is earmarked for a creamy mushroom soup tonight, probably with some grilled cheese - my kind of rainy night dinner. banana-blueberry bread is finishing up in the oven (banana bread with a last minute addition of freezer blueberries). and i spent part of this afternoon stitching on some starfish for a custom order, and watching looney tunes. yes, i'm a 32-year-old woman who still enjoys watching ralph and sam.


fall colours

Lake Helen Mckenzie

but yesterday! the mountains were beautiful yesterday, unexpected bits of sunshine poking through where we had only thought there would be rain. A and i and some good friends of ours headed out on a little loop hike up through the alpine meadows and past a couple serene lakes in the eastern section of Strathcona Provincial Park. we grazed on the lingering blueberries and marvelled at the rich fall colours of the leaves of those and the other foliage. we chatted with the whiskey jacks who swarmed in here and there along the trail, hoping for treats (and seeming wholly underwhelmed by our offerings of blueberries, looking for something more exotic). and i listened to a very engrossing natural history lecture from a budding arborist (and nine-year-old!) as we ambled along together. snow dusted the tops of the surrounding mountains through the clouds, and winter seemed not far off up there in the hills, a nip of wind biting our noses as we returned to our chalet.

Autumn in the alpine

watching & waiting

it was a good bit of crisp fresh air on a relaxing weekend away, from home and from my plugged in life. i hope you had a nice relaxing thanksgiving (or just plain ol') weekend too.


Netta said...

I am enchanted by "fall colors". I olve the way the trees seem to float. may have to order a print:)

Belta said...

Halo,I love your photos.

I think you are a resident of a very beautiful country.

Marchi Wierson said...

happy thanksgiving!!

Tara said...

Beautiful photos, k. Sounds like you had a good long weekend. Here in Ontario we had what I think could be called the perfect Thanksgiving weekend -- warm and sunny every day. My boys have recently discovered Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry and they are hooked. It makes me realize that sometimes you just don't need all the bells and whistles. Good things remain good things.

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful photos. Love the yellow in the first one.