Friday, October 28, 2011

oh hello...

fancy meeting you here. i have returned - i hope you may have stayed to hang out with me. I'm up and running with a new laptop, and getting settled in. while i managed to get much of my old files onto my external drive before the other mac failed, things like my music, emails, and bookmarked websites are something i'm starting over with. if there is a blog or some music you're loving right now, please let me know - i'm trying to remember all my favourites, but also this 'house cleaning' is kind of liberating at the same time.

i'm back

the past week the weather has been mostly wet, with a fair bit of wind as well. however, on several days the sky has unceremoniously cleared just as i was finishing work, allowing me to get out for a quick walk in the waning daylight. i hope to share some photos from these walks over the next little bit, but i thought i'd start with my beach walk from last friday. it has been a stormy day, and although the wind has mostly calmed down when my boots hit the sand, the waves were still big and unruly.

storm waves and beach debris

whales at the beach

i took a few of my whales to the beach, and they perched on a log together near the water's edge. the waves got a bit close at times, and i couldn't help wondering if they were wishing to be swept away, out to sea, off to explore the ocean depths. looking to be free? perhaps, or they might just be looking for a good companion to hang out with in a nice dry home. wild waves are fun, but so is a cosy home when the cold wind is blowing.

after the storm

after the storm

the swirling clouds and setting sun were beautiful over the glacier and surrounding mountains. there was fresh snow up there today, and a late october chill has settled on the valley. winter is on it's way. i hope you're keeping warm this weekend!


a few things i'm liking this week:
• this cranberry orange bread seems like a perfect treat on a late autumn day
• i'm thinking about making my own wool wrap for my camera, when i don't feel like hauling my large bag. maybe with some hand dyed wool?
kathryn clark's been talking about boro a lot lately, and i'm feeling very inspired. i think i might need more boro'd clothing...
• and maybe boro'd furniture. amanda's patchwork chair has me thinking of patching my blue chair with lots of blue scraps, giving it a new personality.


Flaming Nora said...

Thanks for the tip off, just been off exploring Kathryn Clark's site. Very inspiring.
Loving the whales and their trip to the beach. They looked very happy.

Unknown said...

awww I love seeing your little linen sea friends at the beach!.. gorgeous photos.. it sure looks pretty wild and chilly there.. I can almost feel the wind and smell the salt.
Glad you are up and running again :)
Cheers , Helen

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful photos! And I just love your whales :)

kylie said...

stunning shots. love the weather.

Mona said...

Goodness, what a lovely beach and surroundings you live in! (Sigh...)
Love your sea creatures, you're very good at the 3-dimensional hand sewing too :)