Thursday, September 29, 2011

early evening sun...

long shadows

natural dyed urchins

we have a lot of tall trees in our yard. i like tall trees, but for many reasons i wish they weren't in our yard. it makes gardening almost impossible, as no area gets more than a couple hours of sun each day. the inside of our basement suite gets very little natural light. and at this time of year the yard is cloaked in shade before i get home from work. but sometimes too, as the sun creeps lower in the sky these days, it peeks below the trees and shines in areas that never see sun in high summer, with that warm glow of an autumn evening. i feel the need to soak up these little spots of light, revel in them as the days grow quickly shorter.

in one of these patches of golden sun and long shadows, i caught some new sea urchins. the setting seemed to suit their natural dyed colours. all three are hand dyed linen - the green from dandelion leaves, the middle pink from avocado skins, and the palest pink from beets. they are sitting with me for a bit, although if one catches your eye please let me know and i'm sure i can be persuaded to part with it.

hope your week is going well!


gunnelsvensson said...

I really like these! They looks great!

Margie Oomen said...

you caught that magic bending light too:)