Friday, September 23, 2011

autumn's here...


...and yet the first thing i noticed when i stepped out the door was how mild it was. after the temps dropped down earlier this week while we had some clear skies, they have soared up again quite a bit since the rain set in the last few days. still, it is wet and windy and it is surely not summer anymore, even as the sun tried to poke through here and there. it even snowed a little bit up at the local ski hill last night - a very early start indeed. but back up a few days to when it was still summer, technically, although i think these shots feel very fall-like. a walk along one of the local rivers, keeping and out for salmon migrating upstream to spawn, along with the big furry beasts that are looking for salmon too! keep in mind your view of this walk will probably be a lot more peaceful than the real thing - there is no audio of my niece and nephew bickering with each other and whining along the way! (seriously, i do love them just the same!)

looking for fishies

waiting under maple leaves

here fishy fish

river rocks

big humpy


i plan on enjoying this solstice evening with some exploring in the woods, keeping an eye out for tasty morsels and other curiosities. and some more of the same this weekend. we had hoped to head to the west coast for a last camping trip of the year, but the rainfall warnings have scared off even us fairly hardy campers. too bad, i was really looking forward to some misty days at the beach. i will have to keep my exploring closer to home, where i can get wet and cold but still have a dry house to come home to with a fresh pot of tea.

fungi on maple

and inline with the trundling bears above, there will be a couple new bears heading in to the shop tomorrow - i will let you know when they are up. autumn is in full swing, and i aim to get some more woodland items in there shortly, but possibly a whale or two will sneak in as well. wishing you all a happy fall!


a few more things:
• did you see smitten kitchen's take on tomato soup & grilled cheese? it was every bit as delicious as i thought, perfect for rainy fall evenings.
• i've also got my eye on two different autumn cake recipes: this harvest cake from roost, and a spicy pumpkin bundt cake from martha.
• i have whittled away my knitting pile to just finishing up a hat for A, which means i can start plotting this awesomely slouchy hat for me! autumn is all about new toques in our house.


Margie Oomen said...

that hat would look amazing on you

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, K! Thank you for the links:) LOVE smitten kitchen:) I had to smile at your description of the walk..I can hear the kids:) Enjoy your weekend..I, unfortunately and working the weekend! blah!!! Have fun...steer clear of bears!

Maggie said...

The photo of the salmon is amazing! They are such a powerful, impressive fish. There is a fish ladder near my home, and I love to go see the salmon when they are spawning, glistening and flashing like magic in the water. You are lucky to see them in the wild.