Friday, September 09, 2011

friday flickr faves: late summer daze

friday flickr faves

1. this morning's harvest, 2. Dye Party, 3. sandstone and log layers, 4. Untitled, 5. color, 6. so delicate, 7. golden, 8. Cloudberry picking, 9. evening, 10. doubles, 11. mushroom madness, 12. under the wings, 13. russula virescens, 14. on the grill, 15. bright, 16. aglow

a heat wave is keeping summer around here, but cooler mornings and that changing light show autumn is creeping in just the same. please click through on the links to see these beautiful photos in larger size, from some of my lovely flickr contacts. wishing you all happy weekend!


leFiligree said...

#9 evening looks like plaid--i likey!

Cloudberry said...

Thanks for adding my picture!
Have a great weekend :)

Unknown said...

very pretty.. I LOVE the red toadstool the bestest :)

Geninne said...

Lovely! Thank you for including one of my pics :-)