Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[mostly] wordless wednesday*

yellow trumpets





alpine heather


little pinks

*one last post from our hike, a few of the many flowers we saw through the woods and up into the sub-alpine. most squat and close to the ground in this harsher environment, but all bright and cheerful and thriving. love. you can click on any of the photos to pop over to my flickr stream, where i've tried to name them if i know it.


jenny said...

So pretty. I have saved all my wildflower photos from the whole summer to post all at once so that I can have a reference to go back and identify them all for next year. I always forget! Love all these.... we have most of them here too but there are a few I don't recognize.

Jacey said...

Such beautiful shots! Thank you for bringing a little beauty to my office without a window today.

Unknown said...

beautiful.. I really love the columbine..and the starbursts!!

Jenni C's said...

lovely, so different to South Africa's flowers..

Cloudberry said...

The second picture of those white flowers - we have those too, but they have already turned into Bunchberries.

Margie Oomen said...

it seems like ages since i have been in the mountains
i am really adoring these photographs

iHanna said...

Beautiful forest photography. Yum, I can smell the forest from here...

Geninne said...

Stunning photos K, I love them.