Sunday, August 07, 2011

summer quiche

quiche in the making

i'm not much for recipes. that is to say, i like recipes, and recipe books, but i'm just not very good at following them. i'm much better at taking a recipe as a starting point, and then adapting as i see fit. take quiche. i doubt i have ever made the same quiche twice. using whatever vegetable strike my fancy, or that i have on hand, is what makes it interesting. so this isn't a recipe, just a jumping off point, if you like quiche.


i can say that i have been using this tasty parmesan crust recipe recently, which is quite good in a quiche. today's version had green cauliflower, zucchini, garlic scapes, red pepper, and tomato, all from the farmers market. add in some bacon and cheddar cheese. whisk together some eggs (also local, 6-7), a good slosh of milk (1/2 cup? more?) and a few tablespoons of whole wheat flour, plus salt & pepper and other spices if desired (i like red chili flakes) and pour over the veg mix. bake at 350° for awhile (1/2 hour-ish?). and eat (and yes, you can probably tell by the above pic that my quiche tends to fall apart easily - i always tend to cram in too much stuff!).

was that at all helpful? food blogger, i am not. but i still like to think i am a decent cook, and A and i like to eat well. also fresh out of the oven this evening? these blueberry muffins. i'm trying to hold back sampling one, as we're supposed to take them somewhere tomorrow. but that one is kind of missing its bottom anyway, as it was blueberry overloaded, so maybe no one will miss that one...


Jacey said...

Mmm, this sounds tasty! My favorite cooking is definitely this versatile kind of dish. I will definitely make note of your crust link!

Iferia said...


Looked at your amazing nature pictures and they brought me back to the mountains of Montana where I lived for a while and which changed my view on the world. Your pics tell so much and really touch ... I have noticed that you are really into photography. I just started taking pics myself, and wondered if you had some tips for someone's first steps in blog world :-)

PeregrineBlue said...

always a favorite on my table, i use gruyere cheese a bit of nutmeg to flavor the cream and egg combo. i love quiche and so easy to make.

Unknown said...

yum!!!!!! I can smell that delicious cacophony from here!!