Thursday, August 04, 2011


balancing act

little droplets


hanging on


scattered drops

the forest was so damp and oversaturated with water on our hike, although it didn't rain while we there. i was a bit obsessed with capturing the beauty of the water droplets resting like jewels on the plant leaves. the way they cling precariously to edges and stems, or are cupped gently in the dips and folds of leaves is amazing, don't you think?

next up? fungi! or flowers, i can't decide. did i mention i took a lot of photos? although there may be a bit of stitching to share before then.


i just had the 50th sale in my shop! yay! i will be sending that person a little something extra with their package. and on that note, august 23 will be the one year anniversary of my etsy shop and i am planning a good giveaway for that. i'll keep you posted. thanks to everyone for your continued support, i truly appreciate it. thanks also to helen wheeler shaw for featuring me on her blog today!


it actually looks like it might be a hot one out there today.
• in honour of that, i'm thinking popsicles!
this sounds like a perfect way to spend a summer day - and i'm in love with margie's owl!
• and not really summer-related, but heidi always has tasty bread recipes, so i can't wait to try out this new one.


Jen said...

Lovely pictures. Your hike sounds amazing.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Mushrooms!! I vote mushrooms!

These are gorgeous images, k. I'd love to wander with you one day.

Also, I too am in love with Margie's owl.

Tara said...

Your photos certainly captured the lushness of the forest. Beautiful. I'm with Lisa. I vote for mushrooms next. I am thinking aI also must make popsicles. Oh, and congratulations on your 50th sale,k!

Unknown said...

Yup I vote the fungi too!!
Those water droplet jewels are so precious indeed!
Oh gorgeous wee owl.. LOVE.
I can't wait to receive my ocean treasures K. and my blog was most honored to have you on yesterday :)
Cheers , Helen
PS . I have a give away on today ..

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful picyures!