Monday, July 25, 2011

light through the trees...

walk in the woods

sunlit leaves

forest galaxy

sword ferns

a late afternoon walk through the woods, with the boy. past the loud crowds of teenagers beside the river, and into the quietness of the forest. it was hot today, finally, and the forest felt nice under the tall trees. actually, it was warm most of the weekend, a nice change. i hope you had a good one. mine seemed to blur along, although today had a slower pace to it. we are drifting into those later summer days (wow, nearly august already?) and i'm feeling the lure of the next season already, although i'm reluctant to actually say its name. plans and ideas are forming, for stitching, for foraging, for dyeing, and the knitting has started already...

there is some summery stitching going on though, and there will be a few whales in the shop by the end of the week, maybe some other things too.

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