Saturday, July 09, 2011



sometimes a new perspective helps change the flow, offer a break from the lull of everyday, freshen things up. jennifer, lena and a few others have been making dreamcatchers lately, and i was inspired to try my own last night. it was a quiet evening and A was out, and it seemed like a perfect summer activity with little commitment needed.

little limpet

there are so many tall cedar trees in our yard it was easy to find one (or maybe hundreds) of fallen twigs on the ground, supple for the task of being bent into a circle. i scavenged through the yarn stash and came out with some beautiful purpley malabrigo sock yarn, that was thin but had good strength for this project. from the tutorials i found online - there are many, i used this one - i learned a bead is typically strung on somewhere to symbolize the spider on this "web", but i thought this little limpet shell i had with a small hole already in it worked perfectly.

beach feathers and shell

i tied some feathers on the end, combed from the high tide line on one of my walks, and a leafy hornmouth shell that had a large hole through it which made it easy to hang. lastly i wrapped a small piece of natural dyed wool around the feather tops. tada! dreamweaver. you should try one - they are really quite straightforward once you get into it. (seriously: A came home from his evening out and saw what i had made, said 'i didn't know you knew how to do those', 'i didn't', said i. 'only learned just this evening'.) i'm thinking to make a few more, they seem like great little gifts.


the sun is beautifully shining today. i'm watching the cherry tree out the window, which is heavy with *almost* ready fruit. it's a waiting game how long i leave them there to ripen, and risk the birds that invade and steal my treats. i may bring some nearly ready cherries inside in a bowl, as i found out last year they will ripen after picked, like tomatoes.

tomorrow i am headed down island to the big city (very relative term), where i haven't been in at least a year or so. but my friend is visiting all the way from kuwait, so it is a perfect time to go. wishing you all a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Like it. It' funny, I'm studying "my" type of dreamcatcher since May, trying to develop my own design. What a wonderful object!

Dawn Suzette said...

such a great project.
I hear you about the cherries. Birds got ours last year... this year I am going to bring some in early. But we have a looooong way to go before they will be ready.

lynda Howells said...

l love your dreamcatchers..l have tried several times to make one but never managed. l love your designs..xxxso beautiful.xlynda

Margie Oomen said...

such a lovely project and enjoy the biggish city

Tara said...

I love dreamcatchers, k, and yours is beautiful. Enjoy your visit with your friend.

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

I love that you've managed to capture the sea in your dreamcatcher.

jennifer said...

It's beautiful, nice work! Does it smell like cedar as well?

jenny said...

Oh how funny--I just found a bunch of dream catcher forms that I made years ago and got them out for my kids to use. We'll be making them soon... maybe today now that I'm inspired! I love the addition of the limpit... so simple and appropriate for you!