Friday, July 22, 2011

friday flickr faves: berry blush

friday flickr faves

1. ihateroses, 2. new love., 3. sweet hearts for my little love, 4. fecund forest, 5. quilts for india, 6. “There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one spectacle grander than the sky, that is the interior of the soul”, 7. Bzzz, 8. Lucky Mama. , 9. glass&yarn, 10. raspberries meeting their end, 11. optim 160g, 12. Dragonfly, 13. Balance, 14. Edgerton Garden Blooms, 15. Basting!, 16. Hot Sunset


the sun has come out and the weekend is stocked with friend-filled events. hopefully there'll be a little stitching time in there too, if i can tear myself away from the currently all-consuming cardigan that seems to fill all my free moments. wishing you all happy days!

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Tara said...

Happy, sun-filled weekending to you, k!