Tuesday, April 12, 2011

argyle for amanda...

argyle for amanda

as mentioned before i've been knitting a new toque for my friend amanda, who is incidentally a very talented crafter and busy mom. this past weekend i got to give it to her, and happily it fit great and worked well to protect against the strong winds of the west coast.

more details can be found on my ravelry, but to sum it up it is knit with blissfully soft blue sky alpaca, and is based on the chart for elinor's vespergyle mittens, with a braided edge. i had some doubts about this hat along the way, including whether it was too busy, or if i had enough yarn, but in the end i think it turned out just as i hoped.

argyle for amanda

i had hoped to make myself a new cabled toque for our west coast trip as well, but sadly i got too cocky and it didn't turn out. speeding to finish in a few days, i thought i had made it when just an inch or so shy of the top i realized the fit was completely off. still debating if i will try again or just write it off and start something else.

my house is filled with the smell of fresh granola - a new cooking experiment. i hope it tastes as good as it smells. A is away a lot right now for work, which always makes it harder for me to eat properly. but tonight i made a dinner of brown basmati, beluga lentils, black beans and a quick homemade salsa (canned tomatoes, bell pepper, jalepenos and garlic) and a sprinkle of feta. yum. and there are leftovers for a lunch of two, which is always a bonus. what are you cooking this week?


Valentina said...
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Anonymous said...

(Sorry, I was logged with my other account...) I so love your photos, K! "Your" sea is different from "mine", but it's always inspiring and beautiful.

Margie Oomen said...

what a wonderful gift for a really beautiful friend

Tara said...

I love the toque, blue and brown being one of my favourite combinations. Lucky friend. This week, I am baking buttermilk and honey bread. The boys can't stop eating it and Keegan needs all the calories he can get.