Thursday, April 14, 2011

shore fragments

if you've stopped by here once or twice before, you may have gathered that i like to take beach macro photos. heck, i now have a growing set on flickr devoted to just that. my fascination with the close up world of tidal life has been around since i was a kid peering into tide pools. and really, i was peering into tide pools as recently as last weekend - it's still a favoured pastime.

fragment no.1

so it seemed only natural to me to try and recreate these tiny worlds in some stitching. this little piece is a start, thanks to the inspiration provided by Margie's fabrics. i've got ideas for a whole series, although i don't have any timeline, number, or end date in mind. just a focus on little stitched glimpses of shore life, and so i'm calling them "shore fragments". this piece is no.1, a trio of ochre stars clinging to the exposed rocky shoreline, bit of seaweed and barnacles surrounding them. it is all hand stitched, and measures about 4" x 12", with a bit of braided cord at the top for hanging.

fragment no.1 - detail

the colour on this piece felt like a bit of a departure for me, as there is no blue in sight. it's not that blue is necessary, but it does often seem to predominate when at the shore (gee, i wonder why). when getting up close and personal though, there is so much other colour to be found, and it was fun to play with that here. on top of the wonderful natural dyed fabrics from Margie, i also purchased a big bundle of hand dyed linen from Carol at yorktown road, leftover scraps from all the amazing bags she makes. so i'm feeling a bit flush with gorgeous natural fabrics these days, and eager to start using them.

fragment no.1 - detail

what are you up to this weekend? A is coming home tonight, after being away for almost two weeks, so i'm looking forward to some time hanging out with him. the forecast looks somewhat promising, so with luck there will be some outside time. i'm progressing very slowly on the bigger beach scene i'm stitching, but i feel like it's nearly there. soon, i hope.


Flaming Nora said...

Hi I found you via Flickr, and just thought I should say Hi. Your embroidery is really rather special. Am really enjoying have a look around.

Brittan said...

what beautiful photography and what a wonderfully stitched scene! i have a love for the ocean and tidal pools as well, but I am on the opposite coast :) I have been working on a series lately that is inspired by drift wood i have collected and certain oceanic elements, as well as nests and nesting. have a good weekend!


Maggie said...

I just discovered your blog through a comment you left on mine, and I am so glad. I love how you translate the west coast that I love so much into fabric creations that stay true to the wildness of it. Completely beautiful.

Brittan said...

its funny, i didn;'t notice until you pointed it out, but you are right! the bird prints trick the eye in the photos! ha! kinda neat, i think!

Tara said...

I was waiting to see what you would do with Margie's fabric and it was so worth the wait. It is beautiful, k. I love the colours you have chosen. Each sttich seems so integral to the whole piece. It looks like it is going to be a very wet weekend here. That's spring, right? Have a great weekend.

kate said...

Oh this captivates me! Like you, I am a tide pool explorer, and am so lucky to now have a tide pool exploring son. Your piece is beautiful, I look forward to more.

This week-end .... fundraising bottle drive this am, company for dinner this pm, and gardening tomorrow!!

Rachel said...

I really like this piece...the colors especially just pull it all together. well done!

Margie Oomen said...

i was so happy to have a little visit to the atlantic ocean this weekend. It was so full of energy and the surrounding salt marshes were full of birds.