Tuesday, April 26, 2011

close up

i just got back from a muddy bike ride. i wavered all day, as the weather was being a bit tempermental, sunny and bright one minute, pouring rain the next. but i'm glad i went - i got very wet and very dirty, but the sun made an appearance at the end, glimmering through the trees as i rode through puddles on the trail. now the bike has been hosed down, i've been showered, and my clothes have been laundered, so we are all clean and ready for another ride soon.


the light is so good this time of year. in a few months, the glaring summer sun can be a bit flat, often blowing out colours. but right now, even in the middle of the day, colours are rich and crisp. here then are some shots from beachcombing and tidal pool exploring of the other day. so many starfish clinging to rocks and laying vulnerable and exposed on the sand, rich purples and the odd pink one.


a bleached sand dollar shell tucked amongst the rocks. there were also a few black, fuzzy ones, eagerly awaiting the returning tide.


as we meandered along, we disturbed a few gulls hunting along the water's edge. they left an upturned sea star behind. it seemed like it still might be okay so i tucked it back in the water. i supposed it's just the cycle of life either way - starfish can be pretty ruthless predators themselves, once the tide comes back up.

holding on

tucked in the sand, nearly hidden, were a few small sea anemones. i'm not used to them this way, normally seeing the firmly holding on to rocks, and nearly stepped on some before i spotted them.

tiny anemones

our little walk provided much inspiration for stitching. my mind is full of ideas, but my body is feeling restless this week, having trouble sitting still to work on anything longer than a few minutes. what do you do when you're having trouble focusing?

ochre star


Caitlin said...

I get that restless feeling too. I think it's a part of the process, an alert idea-forming period. Take advantage of it and make sure you at least write things down for later.

I love the purple starfish at the end~ LOVE :)

Brittan said...

what great photos! i have been feeling the same way. usually i just wait until the moment feels right because if i try to force things it always ends up back firing and not coming out the way that i want... or i work on other things not necessarily related to the project i really want to work on and gradually work my way towards my goal. hope you find your focus soon! your work is so wonderful!!!

Lovely World said...

When I am restless, I try and make lists and little drawings of what is swirling in my brain. Then, when I finally sit to work, I can review the ideas. Beautiful photos!

Kitty said...

The starfish are really beautiful.

I find that if I embrace the monkey brain I can get back to focus a lot faster than if I fight it.

Annie said...

Oh the beauty! I love how you bring that beauty inside with your art.

Maggie said...

You are so lucky to live so close to the beach! Sounds like you are doing a good job with your restless energy, bike-riding and taking walks--when I am frustrated, I take longs, meandering walks and try to tire myself out a little to slow my brain down. Sometimes just getting out of my head and into my body is just what I need.

Tara said...

The purple starfish in the last photo reminds me of your stitched starfish which hangs in our window. Unfocused? I am always unfocused. A few months ago, Mike and I were discussing Keegan's lack of focus when He made the observation that perhaps he gets it from me. This observation was made as I wandered away from the kitchen sink and was found in the living room reading a magazine with rubber gloves still on. So I have the focus of a seven year old boy. I just kind of go with it. Not much help, I'm afraid.